Imagine a Better World

World Democracy through a global referendum - a roadmap from a world in grave disrepair to a more peaceful and just world based on law, fairness and compassion.

Am I my brothers keeper? What about the basic human condition?

Shouldn't we expand on the United Nation's Bill of Human Rights - establishing sovereignty where it belongs - with all people.

Not just humanity - but the entire biosphere is now at risk of omnicide.

Humans - as the pinnacle of the food chain - are custodians of planet earth. The animals and the plants of the world don't give us high marks for this.

Will the UN ever achieve it's primary goal of "an end to war"?

"No amount of reform or 'strengthening' of a debating society will convert it into a government" ... Harold S. Bidmead

World Democracy through a global referendum

To the people of the world, in the hope that we will succeed where nations have failed so that this generation's legacy to its children may be a world without war, a just and sustainable global village.

World Democracy through a global referendum is the companion book to the Vote World Parliament organization. Vote World Parliament is a non-profit organization registered inQuebec, Canada as "" Its role is to hold a global referendum on the creation of a democratic world parliament by whatever legal means are possible and, assuming the referendum passes, to convert that global mandate into the reality of a democratic world parliament. To cast your vote or just to learn more, please click for the Vote World Parliament website.